Magnetic summary plots - last 24 hours

Summary Plot from Canadian Magnetic Observatories.  Description follows.

An accessible alternate of this graph is available using the Plotting Service.

This diagram shows the data for the last 24 hours from the Canadian CANMOS observatories. These data are received by telemetry from each station and must be considered as "raw", or preliminary. For each station, the X (north), Y (east) and Z (vertical down) components of the magnetic field are shown. Stations are displayed starting with the most northerly at the top progressing down the page in decreasing latitude. Universal Time is used, with the current time being at the right side of each plot frame. All frames use the same scale (which automatically adjusts to cover the largest variation), so that the relative strengths of the field at different stations can be readily compared. The background colour changes as the general level of activity varies, with green for quiet, yellow, orange and red for increasing levels of activity.

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For an accessible HTML version of one minute variations of the geomagnetic field, please use the Plotting Service.

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