Latest Indices

The k-indices are computed for three Canadian observatories, Ottawa, Meanook, and Victoria. These indices are also used in the production of the kp index or other planetary indices. For details on the production of Canadian k-indices and derivatives, please refer to the K indices information page.

Provisional hourly ranges, hourly means, and maximum rate-of-change values are produced for all Canadian CANMOS observatories. They are available 15 minutes after the data hour. For details on the production of these local indices, please refer to the Hourly range information page.

Canadian K Indices

Observatory File Text HTML
Meanook, MEA meaprov.k Text HTML
Ottawa, OTT ottprov.k Text HTML
Victoria, VIC vicprov.k Text HTML

Canadian Hourly Ranges

Observatory File Text HTML
Baker Lake, BLC BLC2021.063.ran Text HTML
Brandon, BRD BRD2021.063.ran Text HTML
Cambridge Bay, CBB CBB2021.063.ran Text HTML
Eureka, EUA EUA2021.063.ran Text HTML
Fort Churchill, FCC FCC2021.063.ran Text HTML
Iqaluit, IQA IQA2021.063.ran Text HTML
Meanook, MEA MEA2021.063.ran Text HTML
Ottawa, OTT OTT2021.063.ran Text HTML
Resolute Bay, RES RES2021.063.ran Text HTML
Sanikiluaq, SNK SNK2021.063.ran Text HTML
St Johns, STJ STJ2021.063.ran Text HTML
Victoria, VIC VIC2021.063.ran Text HTML
Yellowknife, YKC YKC2021.063.ran Text HTML