Electron Flux - Satellite Service


The electron flux plot compares hourly range magnetic values (produced by this institute) with solar particle data recorded by NOAA's GOES Satellites. The hourly range values can be found under the Indices Archive and the GOES data can be downloaded from the NOAA's FTP.

The plot shows a comparison between magnetic conditions on the ground and particle conditions at geosynchronous orbit. Hourly ranges in the X component of the geomagnetic field (HRX) computed from NRCan's magnetic observatories are displayed on top panel. Particle fluxes observed by both primary and secondary GOES satellites (courtesy of NOAA/Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder) are shown on bottom panel. The numbers after F indicate the particluar GOES satellite, with "e" for electron flux and "p" for proton flux. The numbers after ">" show energies in MeV. For information about this web service, please visit the Information page.

Observatory Information

Click an observatory on the map or the table below to select it. This is an alternative way to choose a station for the Observatory field above. This will bring focus back to the observatory selection on the form.

Map of canadian observatories.  For more information, view the following table. Baker Lake Brandon Cambridge Bay Eureka Fort Churchill Glenlea Poste de-la-Baleine Great Whale River Iqaluit Meanook Mould Bay Ottawa Resolute Bay Sanikiluaq St Johns Victoria Yellowknife Whiteshell
Observatories Information
Name Code Latitude (°) Longitude (°) Opened (UT) Closed (UT)
Baker Lake BLC 64.318 263.988 1974-01-01
Brandon BRD 49.870 260.026 2007-06-08
Cambridge Bay CBB 69.123 254.969 1972-07-20
Eureka EUA 80.000 274.100 2005-05-03
Fort Churchill FCC 58.759 265.912 1973-01-01
Glenlea GLN 49.645 262.880 1980-09-30 2006-05-01
Great Whale River GWC 55.3 282.25 1973-01-01 1984-08-18
Iqaluit IQA 63.753 291.482 1996-01-01
Mould Bay MBC 76.315 240.638 1980-01-01 1997-07-01
Meanook MEA 54.616 246.653 1972-08-01
Ottawa OTT 45.403 284.448 1973-01-01
Poste de-la-Baleine PBQ 55.277 282.255 1984-09-09 2007-11-01
Resolute Bay RES 74.690 265.105 1974-01-01
Sanikiluaq SNK 56.500 280.800 2006-11-06
St Johns STJ 47.595 307.323 1972-07-31
Victoria VIC 48.520 236.580 1973-01-01
Whiteshell WHS 49.8 264.75 1977-01-01 1979-12-31
Yellowknife YKC 62.480 245.518 1975-01-01