Space Weather Effects on Technology

Space Weather Effects on Technology.  Description follows. HF Radio wave disturbance Effects on Satellites Effects on GPS Geomagnetic Effects on Communication Cable Geomagnetic Effects on Pipelines Effects on Power Systems

Space weather phenomena have a variety of effects on technology. Energetic particles thrown out from the sun interact with the earth's magnetic field producing magnetic disturbances and increased ionization in the ionosphere, 100 to 1000 km above the earth. The high energy particles affect satellites causing misoperation or equipment damage that can put the satellite out of operation. Radio waves used for satellite communications or GPS navigation are affected by the increased ionization with disruption of the communication or navigation systems. The magnetic disturbances directly affect operations that use the magnetic field, such as magnetic surveys, directional drilling, or compass use. Magnetic disturbances also induce electric currents in long conductors such as power lines and pipelines causing power system outages or pipeline corrosion.

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